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Buy a Bike Storage Shed

Bike Storage Shed

Bicycles come in all shapes and sizes, so storing them within your house, garden shed or garage can be problematic and can take up space that you just do have. The solution – a bike storage shed.

Why Choose a Bike Storage Shed?

Trimetals have created and supply bike storage sheds in a variety of dimensions which will keep your bike protected from both the weather and thieves. These bike storage units are secure, bolted down into concrete from inside the shed, yet easy to assemble and are able to fit up to 3 adult bikes whilst also taking up the minimum of space due to their clever design.

Bike Storage Shed Reviews

Top cycling magazines such as Cycling Weekly, Cycling World and Mountain Bike UK have all reviewed these bike storage units and all agree that they are a must for any keen cyclist who wishes to keep their bike safe and secure.

Bike Storage Shed Dimensions

The bike storage sheds are currently available in several dimensions to suit your needs:

Internal Dimensions
  Metric (Metres) Imperial (Inches)
Height (front) 1.09 43
Height (back) 1.29 51
Width 1.80 71
Depth 0.84 33
External Dimensions
  Metric (Metres) Imperial (Inches)
Height 1.33 52.5
Width 1.96 77
Depth 0.89 35

The bike storage shed is currently on special offer, so purchase now to take advantage to the sale price!

For more details or to purchase a bike storage shed, visit Trimetals now!