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Lifeline Syn Lube 400ml

  • Lifeline Syn Lube 400ml
    Lifeline Syn Lube 400ml
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    LifeLine Syn Lube 400ml: High-performance lubrication for bikes in all weathers. Apply sparingly for dry conditions, or more generously if the weather turns. Lifeline has teamed up with Morgan Blue, the No.1 company in Belgium for lubrication and cleaner. Morgan Blue Sponsor many Pro Tour teams and we now bring the top lube brand exclusive into the UK.Professional, high quality lubricant specially for road cycling applications. Contains extra adhesive and synthetic additives to reduce friction for a smoother gear shift and a longer lubrication-time.Use Lifeline Syn Lube to lubricate the chain, gear and other moving parts. The lubricant penetrates immediately and does not drip from the chain when applied. Suited for use after having cleaned the chain and gear with Lifeline Bio Cleaner. In dry weather conditions use a limited quantity (apply while turning the chain one revolution, lubricate a maximum 20cm of the chain), to prevent the chain becoming dirty. During rainy weather, use generously (apply while turning the chain four revolutions). Efficient for a long periodExcellent adhesion on metallic surfaces, does not drip from the chainResists high speed sling-offPrevents wear and extends life of lubricated parts
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